Every season you can get something new. Find the right products for yourself.

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This could be you

You and your loved ones can become models for Weri Spezials.  Send in your photos with our products and we will provide you with discounts and possibly something more. We will post your photos on all our platforms starting from our instagram and ending with amazon

Weri Spezials

You can find this and much more


Come in to find a suitable one for yourself.

There can never be enough of our product. Find something new!

Weri Spezials

Enjoy everyday with us

Weri Spezials


We are making products that will make you happy. Therefore, we are developing every day and every season we add various new items.


Every month we study the market and add a lot of new things, it is very important for us that you leave us with a smile and a quality product. From minimalistic, classic designs to bold and appealing.

Weri Spezials

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